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Thursday, April 27, 2006

We are all dependents. It is all of our PROBLEM.

Many of us claim to hate the USA and everything it stands for and yet many people are striving for the American made dream in many other countries. Anyone who thinks Wayne Gretzky is a Canadian icon and patriot is sorely mistaken. He lives in Phoenix and can be seen on our T.V. sets selling us American made cars that are apparently built for our lives in Canada. Driving an American Truck in Canada is pursuing the American dream in Canada. What is going on in the U.S. is not a reflection of what the country it self stands for. It is a product of what the country inadvertently created.. Its corporations have taken the reigns from the government and assumed control of a hollowed out network filled with their own yes people who are placed in position only to ensure their hegemony grows and that their status quo remains. What the U.S. stands for has sadly been long forgotten and probably will never be able to scrub away the tarnish left behind by its own creations. Unlike other societal collapse in our civilizations short history, this story has the whole world written into it. All the points seem to be connecting: water shortages, oil and energy and resource shortages, massive environmental and biological collapses, political upheaval and sadly the last point is widespread knowledge about these facts. How can our own government cut and ignore programs and progress that has to be made towards meeting international climate change mandates? Apparently the bottom line of economic progress is the first item that has to be addressed and after that is ensured then the rest of the ducks will fall in line. Right... I don't like barbecued duck.

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