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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Zellers/HBC update

Just a quick update on the progress of getting an answer from Zeller's about their choice of selling a cancer causing product (Teflon was just added to health Canada's environmental toxin list) that donates profits to breast cancer research.

Starting two weeks ago, I have written two emails to corporate, (Typical response times are claimed to be 2 business days). I received this email today:

"Thank you for your response. Due to higher than anticipated email volumes I have not been able to respond to your email as promptly as I would have liked. I apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may have caused. Your comment was forwarded to our buyer for investigation of the cookware product. Your patience is appreciated in this matter. Thank you. Regards,
HBC Customer Service

I spoke to the store manager for the first time 2 weeks ago and again on Thursday of last week. I received a phone call on Friday letting me know that the person in 'housewares' at corporate was away from his phone so probably wouldn't get back to me until Monday.

Well its Wednesday now.

Its obvious they have really F'd up on this, and their posturing around and wasting time is pretty poor. HBC/Zeller's should adhere to their corporate responsibilities.

It is really disgusting to read this
when considering what kind of pink 'merchandise' they sell.

"This year HBC is offering exclusive pink merchandise through its Bay, Zeller's, and Home Outfitters stores throughout Canada; net proceeds will go directly to support the Canadian Brest Cancer Foundation."

"The goal of the Think Pink™ program is to one day live in a world without breast cancer. The funds raised work towards this goal by supporting breast cancer research, and breast health education and awareness programs across the country. Think Pink™ and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation believe in being breast aware and proactive in our health."

The statements are rife with rotten contradictions. The goal of the "Think Pink" program needs to be re-considered if they are going to peddle carcinogenic chemicals in the name of a fanciful "world without breast cancer".

I hesitate to ask people to join a 'cause' because I hope that when one is provided information, action will result from conclusions reached from personal research and information synthesis. I don't think anyone should do what they are told; one should think and react in accordance to their own sensibility.

That being said, please feel free to email HBC/Zeller's @
or the Breast Cancer Society @ (I have also emailed them, with no response,) and make them aware of this ugly consumption/cancer paradox that they are selling us for their profit.

10% of the proceeds are not enough to pay for the damage they cause, 100% is not enough; the carcinogenic products shouldn't exist at all.

Don't stand for it, and don't buy into it.
We can't afford it.

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