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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Food aid folly

The World Bank recently announced that they are going to offer 1.2 Billion of emergency aid to help ease the world food crisis.

Compare that figure to the 2007 sales of Febreze... 1.0 Billion

Compare that figure to the 2006 revenue of Monsanto... 7.344 Billion.

Compare that figure to the 2006 revenue of Pfizer... 51 Billion

Compare that figure to the budget of the war in Iraq... Trillions

All of this pales in comparison to the 8.5 Trillion spent on the fraudulent 'bailout' of the American taxpayer.

It is abundantly clear where current priorities stand.
If we compared the human species on our one planet to one hive of bees, the bees likely wouldn't have a very successful colony if they weren't able to feed a majority of their own population. Imagine if Bee's competed with and exploited each-other? Surely the hive would soon fall into disrepair? It seems as though it should likely be the same for us if we consider that earth is one integrated system that we are inexorably linked to.

We are not doing well as a species if the majority of our members are starving, or on the verge of starvation. Good thing most people aren't able to get basic life saving medicine and food, otherwise a few of us might not be able to spray chemicals to make our houses smell nice and get our antidepressants to help us cope with the silent screams and alarm we feel at an instinctual level.

The 2010 Biodiversity Goals will not be met; species are disappearing faster than they were in 2001 when the Biodiversity Goals were formulated. Should we not be matching this with more drastic action than ever before?

The recent 1.2 Billion in food Aid from the World Bank is a slap in the face; a shitty undersized band-aid on a sinking ship. Perhaps international Debt forgiveness should be a greater priority, perhaps real solutions should be implemented rather than this latest folly. 1.2 Billion is a pathetic figure. A tragedy.

All of this is fairly insignificant because food production isn't the real problem; food distribution is the culprit of starvation. If there isn't money to be made off a problem, chances are good that it wont get fixed.

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