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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ugly Breast Cancer Paradox

I was in Zellers (WalMart style store) the other day looking for a turkey baster to unclog my fridge drain line and I happened to notice a display of pink "cookware for the cure" on display.

The cookware features non-stick Teflon, which has been recently added to Health Canada's environmental contaminants that cause cancer. This is a perfect example of how backwards our society really is.

I spoke to the store manager at Zellers and pointed this glaring error out. The woman I spoke to was very understanding and was equally shocked to hear the information that I gave to her. She said that she was going to speak to her manager about this ugly contradiction, so I left it at that. I have since emailed the corporate division of Zeller's to ask for their revision of this discovery of mine.

The fight against Cancer cant be for a cure alone, as some of the fairly acute causes are obvious and need to be eliminated. Its just plain insulting to see corporations manufacturing this pink carcinogenic junk and selling it to raise money for cancer. What's next, cartons of pink cigarettes for cancer research? We really can be a collectively brilliant and very stupid society. All of the petrochemicals that go towards the manufacturing of bracelets, water-bottles, stickers, cookware etc. etc. in the name of the 'cure' is part of the root problem and has to be eliminated if we want to make real progress on the issue. So do something, write a letter or tell someone about the established cancer/plastics links and consider that 'consumption for the cure' can also be a pink cancer causing sham.

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