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Thursday, November 27, 2008

I thought I would post a few links that I think are very troubling and should be very carefully considered.

Today the SF Chronicle posted a story about the cost of the bailout so far; roughly 60% of the US GDP. Most would think that it was around 700 Billion, well it turns out that its more in the range of 8.5 Trillion. How is it possible to have a financial economy that dwarfs the physical economy? It becomes clear what a sham these derivatives have been. Thanks to Allan Greenspan for making them legal again. Boom and bust cycles are so brilliant and wealth and power consolidation is so awesome.

Also, consider what Congressman Brad Sherman said to the House of Representatives after the first bill failed but before the second bill was passed. The bill was designed to bail out foreign banks and allow for dividends and salary increases. It really did nothing for the people who have been most affected by this whole mess.

In light of the recent news articles and events it is more and more clear that these videos make claims that are based on substantial evidence. Thoughts?

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